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Berlin Stories: To 'Sie' Or Not To 'Sie'?

Aug 8, 2013

To Sie or not to Sie?

That's the question faced by Jacalyn Carley. As much as she loves her new hair dresser, his use of the informal mode of address rubs her the wrong way. 

Jewish Museum Acadmey
Monika Mueller-Kroll / for NPR Berlin

Since the beginning of July, the Academy of the Jewish Museum in Berlin has been open to the public.

Located opposite the Jewish Museum, it houses the museum's archive, library, and education department.

In Prenzlauer Berg, Singuhr Sound Gallery Faces Last Season

Aug 2, 2013
Anouschka Pearlman / for NPR Berlin

The former water reservoir in Prenzlauer Berg, known as the Wasserturm, stands on a small hill.

Children run and laugh out in the sunlight, but inside the damp and dark underbelly of the reservoir, Carsten Seiffarth, curator of the Singuhr Sound Gallery, is looking through his collection of sound art.

“Everything we do with the artists in sound art is space or situation specific, so everything is dedicated to the space," Seiffarth says.

My African Food Map
My African Food Map

Tuleka Prah grew up traveling a lot. Almost every three years, her family moved to another country, mainly in Africa.

For the past six years, the PhD student and self-taught filmmaker has been living in Berlin, but not without some African flavor. She likes to cook the food she grew up with.

Berlin Stories: See The 'Past Lives' Of Boetzow Brewery

Jul 16, 2013


Perhaps you've seen the old Boetzow Brewery. It's hard to miss since the enormous brick building is located right near the center of Berlin.