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Life In Berlin: Pulse of Europe

Apr 18, 2017
Susannah Edelbaum/NPR Berlin

A couple thousand pro-European Union demonstrators peacefully gathered at Gendarmenmarkt on Sunday afternoon for speeches, music, and in this instance, rallying around the general theme of France, ahead of that country's election. Various speakers, from Hungary, France, Britain, Germany, and more, took the mic to expound on the importance of unity for Europe. Attendees at the Pulse of Europe demo, Berlin's ninth, gave various reasons for waving the EU flag at this non-partisan, citizens' initiative.

Life In Berlin: Voices from SPD Stammtisch in Neukölln

Apr 13, 2017
Wilfried Winzer

"Ich bin 66 Jahre alt, ich bin Urberliner und Stammwähler der SPD."

This is Rene Kall, 66 years old, born and bred in Berlin, a loyal SPD voter. Kall is a regular at the "Fritz & Friends" Stammtisch - an informal get together - in Neukölln, hosted by Social Democrat Fritz Felgentreu, member of the German Bundestag. Every other month, Felgentreu invites residents of the neighborhood to discuss their concerns over a beer or two. This Thursday evening he also welcomes some new faces.

Oluwakemi Aladesuyi for NPR Berlin

In east Berlin, a few blocks away from the former headquarters of the East German secret police, nestled in between warehouses and a holding yard for Deutsche Bahn trains, there is a house of rock.

The Berliner Rockhaus one of the largest practice spaces for musicians in the city. About 1,000 musicians rent 190 rooms in the building in Lichtenberg.

Courtesy of Mareike Nieberding

Spurred by the US election of Donald Trump, 29-year-old Berlin-based journalist Mareike Nieberding founded DEMO. It's a new movement to promote political participation and dialogue among voters under 30. We caught up in a Kreuzberg cafe to discuss her decision to form DEMO, and the positive response it quickly received, a surprise even to herself.

Kai Bienert

"If I sing (sings C major scale), you would probably be able to relate yourself to a scale that moves in a major scale of C major, or which ever scale that I am in."

This is Ramesh Vinakayam. He is in Berlin from Chennai, India to participate in the annual Maerzmusik festival.