Monika Müller-Kroll for NPR Berlin

What is a teenager's take on migration and displacement? How do they view newcomers? What is their definition of home?

"I think in my school, a lot of people have different homes, and maybe some people don’t even feel at home where they live, like in Berlin here."

NPR Specials: College Choice - The Value of It All

Jan 24, 2017
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This week on NPR Specials:

"College Choice: The Value of It All" is a new hour-long special produced by NPR News, hosted by All Things Considered's Robert Siegel. Robert spent more than a year checking in periodically with nine college seniors, talking with them about their choice of school and how things turned out. The special follows the arc of these visits, capturing the highlights of this reporting project from beginning to end.

College Choice: The Value of It All will air Saturday, January 28th at 19:00 and Monday, January 30th at 08:00.

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Food, shelter, and German lessons are just a few of the necessities Berlin's local initiatives are helping to provide for the city's rapidly growing number of refugees. Students at Berlin's Hertie School of Governance have taken a different approach by filling a lesser known - but extremely important - need by simply spending their free time with a group of young refugees.