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This week on NPR Specials:

The Trump administration has moved quickly to reverse some of the previous administration’s energy and climate policies. But not all Republicans are on the same page when it comes to climate. Those on the so-called eco-right say action is needed to promote clean energy and prevent climate disruption. On today’s program we hear how Republican renegades find climate solutions in conservative principles, and what we can do when climate denial isn’t just present in the halls of government, but actually controls the levers of power.

NPR Specials: Hamilton - A Story of US

Feb 27, 2017
Joan Marcus

This week on NPR Specials:

A Rerun of Hamilton: A Story of US, is a one hour special that features the voices of students, the Hamilton cast members, biographer Ron Chernow, the irresistible super hit Hamilton score, and Pulitzer Prize winner Lin-Manuel Miranda.

NPR Specials: APM Reports - The Remedial Education Trap

Feb 21, 2017
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This week on NPR Specials:

When students go to college, they expect to be in college classes. But in fact, 4 in 10 students end up in basic math and English, re-learning what they were supposed to learn in high school. The vast majority of them never get a college degree. 

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This week on NPR Specials:

He has been called "the most influential columnist in America," and is read by everyone from small-business owners to President Obama. As a star columnist of The New York Times, Thomas Friedman has won the Pulitzer Prize three times. Although he has been dubbed "the high priest of globalization," Friedman is well aware that it is the tensions created by globalization which have paved the way for the election of Donald Trump. 

NPR Specials: US Asia Policy Under Trump

Feb 7, 2017
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This week on NPR Specials:

This week's show is a recording of a town hall meeting in collaboration with America Abroad Media and Hawaii Public Radio. President Trump's declarations on Asia have caused much uncertainty in the region. To better understand the hopes, fears, and concerns on both sides of the Pacific, America Abroad convened a bi-national town hall bringing together audiences and experts in Honolulu and Tokyo. The discussion touches on topics like military alliances, trade deals, and an unstable North Korea.