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IFA Handpresso
Monika Mueller-Kroll / NPR Berlin

If you drive in the city often, you might find yourself wishing you could make your own coffee in the car. Cut out the middle man and make an espresso from the driver's seat.

Jerome Schlegel, CEO of the French company "Handpresso," has done just that.

"It uses the 12 Volt plug of your car, and the machine can be placed in the cup holder in your car. So it's very easy and very pleasant to be able to make your coffee in your car. Of course we say to people they have to stop, and they will not make it while driving."

After Years Singing Backup, Percival Rocks Berlin

Sep 7, 2012
Thorsten Jankowski

Last November, the TV talent show The Voice of Germany introduced an array of talented, hardworking vocalists. Among them was the artist Percival, a compelling figure who stole the hearts of the German public with his charisma, voice, and inimitable personality. 

Percival grew up listening to Ricky Lee Jones, Led Zeppelinli, and other artists from the 1960s and 1970s when Percival says originality was revered.

Daniel Brunet / The Lab

The on-again, off-again theater project "The Lab" is back with more thought-provoking productions.

The Lab, founded in 2003, is dedicated to contemporary English-language plays from around the world. It has staged a series of performances at the English Theater Berlin, which encourages the audience to participate and voice their opinion.

Veteran actor Tom Strauss and original founder Daniel Brunet are The Lab's curators.

Courtesy of Colin Reynolds

Colin Reynolds took the name for his business, The Wanderer, from the gothic novel, Melmoth the Wanderer.

Reynolds says he likes the name because his favorite writer, Oscar Wilde, used Melmoth as a pseudonym after his release from prison when he started traveling.

The story of Melmoth the Wanderer is not a happy one, Reynolds says.

Lutz Leichsenring
Anouschka Pearlman / NPR Berlin

On April 2nd, the German copyright society, GEMA, announced new fees that venues and event managers in Germany must pay for the right to play music.

The German Hotel & Restaurant Trade Association, DEHOGA, estimates on their website that dance clubs may have to pay up to 2,000 percent more and music bars up to 3,500 percent more next year.