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Life In Berlin: Berlinale A-List Press Conferences

Feb 13, 2017
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Almost as much a fixture as the movies at the Berlinale, are the subsequent press conferences. The film festival is in full swing, and while those without tickets will have to wait for the roster of films to be widely released, the press conferences are viewable online. They offer some insight into a film journalist’s day, but they also reveal a high level of personal politicking and appeals aimed at the stars and directors on the panels.

Life In Berlin: Brussels Beer Project

Feb 10, 2017
Hugh and Hana Eckermann

Hugh Eckermann: The brewhouse BRLO in Berlin-Kreuzberg is hosting a tap takeover by the Brussels Beer Project, and is offering 9 freshly tapped beers from this young Belgium brewery.

Hana Eckermann: We are talking with Sébastien Morvan, who used crowdfunding to start up the Brussels Beer Project.

Culinary Cinema/Chefs of the Culinary Cinema 2017

The smell of chili cheese nachos and Allgäuer Kässpätzle linger in the cold air at Joseph-von-Eichendorff-Gasse, close to the Berlinale Palast. The alley is lined with food trucks that offer quality international street food. The collaboration between the Culinary Cinema, Berlin’s Markthalle Neun, and Slow Food has become a fixture in recent years at the International Film Festival. 

Life In Berlin: Berlinale 2017 - The Audience

Feb 8, 2017
Susannah Edelbaum/NPR Berlin

The 67th Berlinale Film Festival opens this week with the premiere of Django, a French film about the musician Django Reinhardt. For the next ten days, Potsdamer Platz turns into ‘festival village,’ thronged with industry members, the press, and celebrities.

transmediale/design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design

The Super Bowl commercial isn't just about pushing a product during breaks between football; it's a veritable genre. But it's strange, when you think about it, that many viewers willingly seek out, watch, and discuss advertising.