NPR Specials: America Abroad - Online Data, Information, and Privacy

9 minutes ago

This week on NPR Specials: A few weeks ago, America Abroad, NPR Berlin, and KUT Austin hosted a live international town hall across two different locations - Berlin, Germany and Austin, Texas - where law experts, privacy activists, and business representatives debated about big data, security, and privacy.

The concern is even larger now with the current dispute between Apple and FBI - over whether an iPhone should be unlocked to help solve the San Bernardino shooting - underscoring a bigger international debate over the trade-offs between national security and individual privacy rights. 

In this episode, America Abroad featured a transatlantic discussion about the promise and peril of encryption; examined how governments, corporations, and law enforcement try to manage data, privacy and security; and heard from individuals who had surprising revelations about their own data. 

Online Data, Information and Privacy will air on Saturday, March 5 at 19.00 and Monday, March 7 at 8.00.