NPR Berlin Question Of The Week: What Do You Think About The Results Of The Turkish Referendum?

Apr 19, 2017

Turkish President Erdogan has narrowly won a historic referendum that greatly expands his powers. Some support came from Germany, where a majority of German Turks voted yes for the new presidential system. Turkey's main opposition party questions the validity of Erdogan's small victory. We wanted to know how Berliners view the results of the Turkish Referendum.

"Well in general, it's not nice where the whole politics is going nowadays. And knowing that people are willingly voting for this, it’s a bit upsetting."

"My vote was no because the democracy is important. I don't like Erdogan because he's like a dictator."

"I mean you always feel here that it doesn't really affect you directly, but it just adds up, you know everything is adding up a bit."

"I don't agree with the results of the vote because I don't think so much power should be in the hands of that man." "I think that it was very unfair referendum and I think the people in Berlin didn't want this and I think it's not good for Turkey or Europe, or them wanting to join Europe - definitely not."