NPR Berlin Question Of The Week: What Do You Think About The French Presidential Election?

Apr 25, 2017

Centrist Emmanuel Macron won France's first-round presidential election, with far right-candidate Marine Le Pen in close second, leaving behind the mainstream candidates. Macron and Le Pen will face each other in the run-off election on May 7. We wanted to know what Berliners think about the outcome of the first round vote?

"Well, basically I think that this is worrisome. I hope this means that we are getting a centrist, and not a right-wing extremist, but I would have liked it much better if Melenchon and Macron had been the two."

"What I think of the second round would be different because I think the whole rest of voters will do the right thing now...I hope so."

"Well a lot is riding on this obviously, because I mean a lot of the things that Le Pen is suggesting, or the things that she wants, I think the biggest one is exiting the EU."

"I definitely am not happy that Marine Le Pen has come through to the second round. I think Macron is kind of like the French version of Hillary Clinton, so not the best candidate, but obviously better than Marine Le Pen. I don’t want to see Marine Le Pen win."