Life In Berlin: Brussels Beer Project

Feb 10, 2017

Hugh Eckermann: The brewhouse BRLO in Berlin-Kreuzberg is hosting a tap takeover by the Brussels Beer Project, and is offering 9 freshly tapped beers from this young Belgium brewery.

Hana Eckermann: We are talking with Sébastien Morvan, who used crowdfunding to start up the Brussels Beer Project.

A few of the beers presented at Brussels Beer Project Beers.
Credit Hugh and Hana Eckermann

Sébastien Morvan: Olivier and I, the co-founders, we really wanted this brewery so that Brussels does not become a museum of beer. Belgian beer was all about innovating, trespassing the borders but we feel that because of such a success and recognition worldwide, audacity kind of slowed down with the weight of tradition and the weight of success. So we wanted to shake some dust of the Belgium brewing scene and going back to the roots which is: wild, crazy, trial and error, and experiment.

Hana: We'll ask the present beer geeks: What do you think about this new, innovative Brussel's brewery?

Aaron Luk: I am Aaron, I am drinking the "Große Bertha." It's a Belgium Hefeweizen. It's nice and sweet, while still having a little bit of a bite to it.

Julien Véron: My name is Julien, right now I am drinking the "Churchill's Delusion." They actually have a cigar in this beer and you can definitely taste it. There is a lingering taste that's left in your mouth as if there is like a tobacco leaf that was stuck on the tip of your tongue.

Hugh: Sébastien, what inspired this beer?

Sebastien Morvan co-founder of Brussels Beer Project.
Credit Hugh and Hana Eckermann

Sébastien: So it's a collaboration actually with a London based brewery called Weird Beard. Because of Brexit talks, we are based in Brussels and they are based in London, we thought of Winston Churchill - that's why we call it "Churchill's Delusion" because you know he was of course a very pro-European chap.

Hugh: Stuart, another beer enthusiast, shares his impressions:

Stuart Ritson: I am drinking the "Babylone." It's a bread bitter; it's very sessionable, really nice carbonation, really nice balance. It's a good beer.

Hana: I really enjoyed that beer. It's very complex…

Sébastien: Yes indeed. From the bread you can have a biscuit taste and toasty flavours, you have a mix of woody and grapefruit notes to it.

Hana: You actually put a slogan onto it: Back to the Future, but you are going back six thousand years?

Sébastien: Yes indeed. "Babylone" beer is actually an old recipe based on bread. And in every single bottle of "Babylon," you have 2 slices of bread. We work with a small NGO which every day collects fresh but unsold bread and once we have enough bread we make a batch. This "Babylone" is really a tribute to the old days of Mesopotamia. It's a first food waste beer in the world, basically. So yes, welcome back to the future with the taste of bread and beer.

Hugh: That was a sneak peek into young Belgium brewing scene with Sébastien Morvan from Brussels Beer Project.