Funky Berlin: Into The Wyld

44 minutes ago

"Every day, I was really impressed. The stage is huge. It’s crazy. It’s like in the beginning, it’s really almost too much for you, but when you get used to it, you just can enjoy the show.”

Hanna Wolt is one of the sixty dancers from the Friedrichstadt-Palast’s show, "THE WYLD." The show uses many different characters including a BMX rider, a girl in a TV tower, Nefertiti and even aliens to show the creativity and the variety that can be found in Berlin.

A photo of the unique performance, THE WYLD, at Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin.
Credit Bernhard Musil

“So in the first part,” explains Hanna, “I’m a ballet dancer, and then I’m becoming like a cool girl, like from the urban and nightlife. Then in the second part, I am a part of Nefertiti’s party, and everyone is wearing a different costume but in this Nefertiti edge of style. And I am this Luxus girl – really posh, overdressed with a pink bra and a long white wig – like really b-----. It’s really funny. And then at the end I am an alien. I’m coming from the universe, and I am landing on the planet.” 

A lot of work went into making the show so elaborate. They have big sets, including the TV Tower and magic stairs that can be moved up or down and lit up with various colors. They also have customized costumes and wigs for every performer.

Hanna comments, “[My] really favorite costume is this from the alien – it’s white and we have Swarovski stones on it. It’s really heavy, but it looks awesome.”

The performers work is never done. In the mornings, they meet to make the show as good as possible. They fix mistakes from the night before, adjust the show for any absences, and learn new techniques. All of their hard work is rewarded by being able to perform at the Palast.

“I feel really lucky, because I got the job immediately,” explains Hanna. “To be part of this Palast group is like, yeah, it’s awesome.”

CIEE student and Funky Berlin contributor Amanda Thayer.
Credit Amanda Thayer

"We have makeup artists, so we don’t need to do our makeup. We have the dressers so they help us change the costumes, so yeah, they care about us. We just have to dance,” Hanna says happily.

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