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Life In Berlin: Ending Violence Against Women Through V-Day

The Vagina Monologues by playwright and activist Eve Ensler were first performed in 1994 in New York. Four years later, Ensler established V-Day to end violence against women and girls and to raise awareness and funds through benefit productions worldwide. The American Women's Club of Berlin will stage benefit performances of The Vagina Monologues this February. I talked with director Molly Moylan Brown.

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Annette Hornischer/American Academy in Berlin

23 years after the founding of the American Academy in Berlin, author and journalist, Kati Marton, believes its existence is more important than ever.

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This week on NPR Specials:

In 2006, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger launched California's attack on climate change by signing a pioneering law to reduce carbon pollution across the state’s economy. More recently, California’s energy utility announced plans to close the state's last remaining nuclear power plant. But will such a move reduce or increase carbon pollution?

Three Things To Do This Week

Jan 30, 2017
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A few things to keep in mind this week:

February 3rd, the Galerie Bastian, am Kupfergraben 10, shows recent paintings by Anselm Kiefer. Kiefer's large scale works often feature literary references. This series draws writings about nature from Goethe and Adalbert Stifter.

Courtesy of Anthea Kreston

Violinist Anthea Kreston is not a person to sit back and observe life.

“I like to dig in and feel all the excitement, the danger and the love. Every part of life I enjoy."

Life in Berlin: Georg Wurth On Legalized Medical Marijuana

Jan 25, 2017
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This January, Germany’s parliament voted unanimously to expand the legal availability of medical marijuana. Patients with a doctor’s prescription will be able to obtain marijuana, in the form of various tinctures or the flower itself, from their local pharmacy. Health insurance companies will be required to cover it.

NPR Specials: College Choice - The Value of It All

Jan 24, 2017
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This week on NPR Specials:

"College Choice: The Value of It All" is a new hour-long special produced by NPR News, hosted by All Things Considered's Robert Siegel. Robert spent more than a year checking in periodically with nine college seniors, talking with them about their choice of school and how things turned out. The special follows the arc of these visits, capturing the highlights of this reporting project from beginning to end.

College Choice: The Value of It All will air Saturday, January 28th at 19:00 and Monday, January 30th at 08:00.

Alex Curley for NPR Berlin

The Women’s March on Washington, a protest against Donald Trump’s presidency, triggered hundreds of sister marches, Berlin among them. I talked with Elle Johnson, a TV writer and executive producer, who traveled from Los Angeles to Washington to participate in the Women’s March. In one of her recent Tweets she writes:

“I will attend as an act of protest because I am an educated black female liberal Hollywood elite feminist activist atheist."

Three Things To Do This Week

Jan 23, 2017
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A few things to keep in mind this week:

Thursday the 26th at 8 pm at the English Theater Berlin, Despina Kapetanaki presents a brand-new dystopian, science fiction performance as part of their Lab series.

Monika Müller-Kroll

Around 1,000 people demonstrated in Berlin after Donald Trump won the U.S. election last November. Enough of a sign for American activist Kathleen Brown to form the “coalition” against Global Trumpism.

FEMA Photo Library/Bill Koplitz

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on January 20th at 18:00. Read more about what happened that day.


NPR Specials

Lila Cherneff/APM Reports

NPR Specials: APM Reports - The Remedial Education Trap

This week on NPR Specials: When students go to college, they expect to be in college classes. But in fact, 4 in 10 students end up in basic math and English, re-learning what they were supposed to learn in high school. The vast majority of them never get a college degree.

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Raphael Beinder

Three Things To Do This Week

A few things to keep in mind this week: Radialsystem V hosts the annual Chor@Berlin festival from February 23-26th . It has both concerts, for those who love choral music and want to see more, and workshops for those looking to tune up their vocal chords. Sunday at 11 AM is "I Can't Sing Choir" where Michael Betzner-Brandt proves that everyone who can speak can sing.

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Announcing a new NPR Berlin series: "On Books"

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