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Life In Berlin: Ending Violence Against Women Through V-Day

The Vagina Monologues by playwright and activist Eve Ensler were first performed in 1994 in New York. Four years later, Ensler established V-Day to end violence against women and girls and to raise awareness and funds through benefit productions worldwide. The American Women's Club of Berlin will stage benefit performances of The Vagina Monologues this February. I talked with director Molly Moylan Brown.

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This week on NPR Specials:

He has been called "the most influential columnist in America," and is read by everyone from small-business owners to President Obama. As a star columnist of The New York Times, Thomas Friedman has won the Pulitzer Prize three times. Although he has been dubbed "the high priest of globalization," Friedman is well aware that it is the tensions created by globalization which have paved the way for the election of Donald Trump. 

Life In Berlin: Brussels Beer Project

Feb 10, 2017
Hugh and Hana Eckermann

Hugh Eckermann: The brewhouse BRLO in Berlin-Kreuzberg is hosting a tap takeover by the Brussels Beer Project, and is offering 9 freshly tapped beers from this young Belgium brewery.

Hana Eckermann: We are talking with Sébastien Morvan, who used crowdfunding to start up the Brussels Beer Project.

Culinary Cinema/Chefs of the Culinary Cinema 2017

The smell of chili cheese nachos and Allgäuer Kässpätzle linger in the cold air at Joseph-von-Eichendorff-Gasse, close to the Berlinale Palast. The alley is lined with food trucks that offer quality international street food. The collaboration between the Culinary Cinema, Berlin’s Markthalle Neun, and Slow Food has become a fixture in recent years at the International Film Festival. 

Life In Berlin: Berlinale 2017 - The Audience

Feb 8, 2017
Susannah Edelbaum/NPR Berlin

The 67th Berlinale Film Festival opens this week with the premiere of Django, a French film about the musician Django Reinhardt. For the next ten days, Potsdamer Platz turns into ‘festival village,’ thronged with industry members, the press, and celebrities.

NPR Specials: US Asia Policy Under Trump

Feb 7, 2017
Government Of Japan/Office of prime minister

This week on NPR Specials:

This week's show is a recording of a town hall meeting in collaboration with America Abroad Media and Hawaii Public Radio. President Trump's declarations on Asia have caused much uncertainty in the region. To better understand the hopes, fears, and concerns on both sides of the Pacific, America Abroad convened a bi-national town hall bringing together audiences and experts in Honolulu and Tokyo. The discussion touches on topics like military alliances, trade deals, and an unstable North Korea.

transmediale/design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design

The Super Bowl commercial isn't just about pushing a product during breaks between football; it's a veritable genre. But it's strange, when you think about it, that many viewers willingly seek out, watch, and discuss advertising.

Three Things To Do This Week

Feb 6, 2017
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A few things to keep in mind this week:

Book shop Motto Berlin celebrates the publication of Yes Yes Yes Alternative Press, a compendium of counterculture ephemera from the 60s and 70s, with an exhibition of posters and other materials. The exhibition runs until March 11th at Skalitzer Str. 68.

M. Rentsch/UNHCR

“Germany provided very strong leadership and took principled and very practical measures and was very coherent in its approach to asylum seekers and refugees arriving in Europe in 2015 and 2016.”

Katharina Lumpp has been assisting and protecting refugees for more than 20 years. Since December 2015, she is the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Germany. Apart from showing leadership, says Lumpp, Germany is also...

On Books: 'A Box Of Matches' By Nicholson Baker

Feb 2, 2017
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2017 is here and with it comes new resolutions, new tasks, and new routines. It is often in these first weeks of the new year that we like to take stock of our lives – reflecting, contemplating, measuring. Nicholson Baker's A Box of Matches is such a self-study: it observes life up close, without ever leaving the comfort of its narrator's own home.

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“Don’t let yourself harden in these hard times.” The lyrics by East-German protest singer Wolf Biermann have been running through Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick’s head lately. He recites them for the assembled press at Tuesday’s program preview.


NPR Specials

Lila Cherneff/APM Reports

NPR Specials: APM Reports - The Remedial Education Trap

This week on NPR Specials: When students go to college, they expect to be in college classes. But in fact, 4 in 10 students end up in basic math and English, re-learning what they were supposed to learn in high school. The vast majority of them never get a college degree.

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What's Happening This Week

Raphael Beinder

Three Things To Do This Week

A few things to keep in mind this week: Radialsystem V hosts the annual Chor@Berlin festival from February 23-26th . It has both concerts, for those who love choral music and want to see more, and workshops for those looking to tune up their vocal chords. Sunday at 11 AM is "I Can't Sing Choir" where Michael Betzner-Brandt proves that everyone who can speak can sing.

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Announcing a new NPR Berlin series: "On Books"

On Books is a new literature review series by NPR Berlin made possible in part by Shakespeare & Sons.

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